In The NeighborhoodReady, Set, Sharp

September 4th, 2013

Knife Sharpener_1

Oh, sure—let me guess: you watch a lot of cooking shows on TV. You fancy yourself a barbecue master and you have a serious collection of fasionable cookware. But if you’re anything like about 90% of America, you’re crushing and bashing your ingredients with a dull knife. Seriously, you might as well be using a bat.

Just ask any chef about the importance of sharp knives. If you watch, you’ll catch them honing their blades several times a day. But that’s honing—the thing you do yourself with a pointy, long steel. Sharpening is a more serious matter and something better left to the pros. Cue Ready Set Sharp, a team of honest-to-God knife sharpeners. They show up at The GrandMarket on the first Saturday of every month with big, powerful belts to sharpen and any restore any blade that might need help. Of course, we’re talking chef’s knives, but also scissors, cleavers, pairing and boning knives. Hell, if you have a Viking battle ax (and you’re licensed to carry it), Ready Set Sharp will restore that blade to what it was circa 900 A.D.